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Multiple account logins

  1. I login through the Figma app for work and the Figma beta app for personal work.

  2. Could we add multiple account login support to make the process of logging into different accounts easier from the same app


This would be super helpful for me

To add to it, what if Work and Personal emails could be linked to a single Figma account (Assume this is your Figma Community username) where one email (Let’s say, Personal) is set as primary. In this way, an individual can exist in multiple Figma organizations/teams through a single Figma account, eliminating the need for multiple logins. IMO, the current workspaces setup kinda already takes care of the frontend of it.


Security team can’t afford to add a personal account to workspace. And this case may help for that

I think I’ve seen on Twitter or somewhere else that the team is working on solving this