MUI and iOS(HIG) library updates in Figma


The UI (and many design patterns) in our product ecosystem utilizes a design system that has a foundation for IPad applications based on iOS human interface guidelines, and for web products based on Material Design.
When we utilized Sketch we used libraries that came directly from Apple and Google and when they updated the library to address bugs or refresh their UI components to reflect new system release updates, we could just hit Update and we would get those updates.

With Figma, we can duplicate the library kit file from the Community and make changes that we want, however, if a Creator (such as Google’s Material Design team) updates their library kit file in the community we won’t have those updates, and then it becomes a massive lift each time to the team that new file to match our products then our components are broken.

Similar plugins
We saw that Anima as a separate project has something similar example is here ( How to use Material Design Widget Library on Figma with Anima - YouTube )


Are there any best practices to manage to update a library to match a base framework for iOS Human Interface Guidelines or Material Design when it gets updated? If our libraries were not based on them we wouldn’t have a problem but alas this has complicated the management of our design system.
A good example is how the new version of the material baseline library kit now supports auto-layout but did not before.

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