Moving Multiple Interactions at Once

I made some edits on my prototype and I realised after that all the interactions from the nav bar on all of the other frames were pointing to a screen which I had edited. I want to move all those interactions to point to the new screen, but I can only move them one by one.

Holding shift and clicking on each only seems to work when you want to delete them. I simply want to move them. Is there any easy way to do this?

Hey @Adaku, just to make sure I understand the problem: you have a new screen in your prototype, but the prototype connections that originate from the screen’s nav bar aren’t pointing to the correct end point (sounds like they’re pointing to an old screen that you might’ve copied the new screen from)?

Let me know if I did not describe that accurately. Regarding moving prototype connections, there’s no way to natively bulk-move connections at once. However, your set up with a nav bar sounds like it could benefit greatly from establishing a “switchboard” component. @Ridd has put together a very helpful Twitter thread explaining this type of component and how to use it:

That all being said, I’ve not looked into community plugins that would let you move prototype connections in bulk. Could be worth searching around there too!


Thanks for the share Alice :slight_smile:

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Of course! It’s a joy to recommend high quality content like this. Thank you for doing the hard part of creating it and making it discoverable :muscle:

Thanks a lot, Alice (and Michael)! It was more like I changed the home screen and now all the other prototypes are leading back to that old screen.
This solves my problem to a great extent and would make my workflow easier. I thought there was a shortcut or function I was missing.

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