Moving main component from working page to a component page


Very new to Figma from Sketch and am stuck with this…

I was recommended to keep main components together in a page(e.g. creating a page called Component) in a file. It completely makes sense, but what is the best way of doing it?

For example, if I convert an object to a main component, the component won’t be moved to the component page automatically like how Sketch symbol works. So I have to cut the component and paste to the component page, then I have to add the component back again to the page I was working on.
And ‘Move to page’ from the right-click menu does the same, moving it to the page without leaving an instance in the position.

The process seems so inefficient!! Is there a way I can send the main component to the component page while keeping the instance of it where it was?

Or any better suggestion would be very appreciated.


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