Moving 100+ symbols from Adobe Illustrator to Figma (Automatic/Paid)

I have 100+ symbols and Adobe Illustrator, I want to move all of the to Figma as components.
All the symbols in one file.
I’m looking for a method to automatlically export all the symbols with their names, and create Figma components from all of them.

There is a method or script for that?

If not, and you’re willling to help with that (and getting paid), please let me know using this form.

I would like to update you that I did it by myself. In couple of minutes by small Figma Script, I would like to share with you if someone else need.

First I copy all the Symbols from AI to Figma. The symbols copies as groups, not as components.

I wrote the script below to convert those group to symbols. Open your Console, and paste this script:

for (topFrame of figma.currentPage.children) {
    for(var frame of frames) {
        const component = figma.createComponent()
        component.resizeWithoutConstraints(frame.width, frame.height)
        for (const child of frame.children) {
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Nice! Thanks @Aminadav_Glickshtein - I modified your topic title a bit to make it easier to surface. Anyone who is looking for a similar solution should be able to find your solution.

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