Moved components break instances link


We have a recent issue with our main Design file in our Organization,
We actually have our Design system components and all our mockup into the same file.
As the file is getting too much heavy we wanted to migrate the components to another file, using the « move component to this file ». It worked out for the first components, but in the middle of the process the links between the instances and the components broke, se we’ve tried to fix this by restoring both history versions.
Everything works well on the main file like before, the issue is that we have in the library some Changes in pending, and once we click on « Publish » the components link broke up.
Is there a way to cancel/delete the changes in pending of a library ?

Sorry I don’t know the answer to your question but just in case anyone stumbles upon this thread before using the “move components” feature, here is a tip: if you have both mockups and components in the same file and want to separate them, it’s much less disruptive and complicated to publish this file as a library and move the mockups into other (new) files and leave the components stay in the current file.

The issue is that the Mock up to Dev tickets and comments would be lost during with this process :frowning:

That seems minor compared to what you have now :laughing: