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Move master components from different files to a new library

Hey @John_Stewart, it’s been a while but if that’s still relevant, I added the basic support for variants attachment! So now you can move variants between files a bit more easily.

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Unfortunately the major pain point is the needing of open each project file, individually, and manually link the old components with the new ones by using Master.
My company has more than 30 Figma files for different features and its individual different versions. So, open each file to update the components with the new library is insanely painful.



Got an easier workaround for free @Bruno_Barreto @Mario @Gleb .

How to transfer old figma projects and their components to a new design library.

  1. On your old project file, make sure the designs and their components are together on the same page
  2. Select all and Copy
  3. Paste them in the new design library you wish the components to live. The design and components must still be linked. ​
  4. Publish your new design library
  5. Select and Cut the designs (without the main components)
  6. Open a new figma file
  7. Go to Assets > Team Library and connect the new design library (or update it if you have already done it)
  8. Paste the designs.
  9. The components and overrides must still be linked to the new design library.
  10. Done!