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Move layers between frames, in the same position (Z index) within the canvas?

Can a user to easily move the currently selected layers between Frames that sit one on the other (same Z scale)? Doing this without! changing position of the selected layer.

You can currently do this either by

  • Layers panel - can be a hassle when the frames do not sit one near the other.
  • drag n drop - can be a hassle since I’m losing my current position.

I would expect some quick keyboard shortcut (or button) to move up or down between all frames for the current position of the selected layer(s).

That sounds like a good idea but this is currently not possible. Feel free to move this topic to #product-ideas and rename it/edit from question to a suggestion.

Could you detail this behaviour more?

What happens when the number of layers between old location and new one is different?

Did you try Paste in Place from Automater plugin? (If you’re on mac, you can even set the shortcuts)

There can be any number of layers. By activating the behavior, the layer will be moved between each frame according to their Z-index. I didn’t try the plugin you mentioned.