Move Components - Independent

Is there a way to copy a component (with nested components) from one file to another and make it independent?

Specifically, I want to share something from one file with a community but i don’t want the community to have access to my whole library, just the one component and its nested components.

It seems like you don’t need to move a component, you need to duplicate it (together with its instances). There are multiple ways to duplicate a component:

  1. Copy/paste a component together with the instances selected into another file.

  2. If that doesn’t work, duplicate the whole file and remove the unnecessary items from it, leave just the components you need.

  3. Finally, my plugin Master can help if you need more detailed control over instances and their main components. For example it can easily switch instances pointing to the library component to the local one. Master plugin for Figma — Video Guide - YouTube

Thank you - This makes sense. Wasn’t sure if there was a more appropriate way of doing this.

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