Mouse position reset when changing property is jarring

When I change a property in Figma it now resets the mouse position back to the input field.

I find it pretty jarring, it also makes me lift the mouse to reposition it almost every time.

Lifting the mouse is something I avoid because I already had to deal with repetitive stress injuries.

Maybe I’m hallucinating, but I think this behavior is new. Could you please confirm?

May-18-2022 16-03-20

If this is in the wrong category, please move.

I personally prefer it this way, because the cursor is returned to the panel to make further adjustments, without needing to mouse over back to it. It’s like a slingshot, snapping you back to where you started.

As people tend to look at the counter, rather than the cursor, it makes sense that the cursor returns to your FOV after using it.

Maybe this could be a made user preference instead.

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