Mouse Pointer Enabler on Prototypes

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We do a lot of user testings latley and what we discovered so far with Figma: even if we disable hints, people are reconizing the mouse pointer icon and trying to following it. It means that when they figureing out their mouse is changing to the hand icon while hovering, they automaticly start searching for it everywhere to see if it goes to the next side. Obviosuly it isn’t always like that and based on the research topic but I would love to have “while mouse hover” → “change cursor to” → “while clicking” → “nothing happens”.

I coulnd’t find anything about that on the interwebs and looking forward to anyones help. I already tried “on click” → “open link” → “no link” → it goes to blank. But that’s also not so good for a usability testing…



Your suggesting is good specifically for User Testing of course and I wholly agree.

FYI - somewhat related, but definitely more effort would be the feature request to make custom cursors a Prototyping property:

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