More types of "styles" in Figma?

Text styles, color styles and effect styles are great but what would really be game changing are more versions of styles.

Interaction styles? Border styles? Layout styles? Stroke styles?

What i am getting at is that Figma would be more powerful with even more versions of “styles”.

And why stop there? Why not add the ability to create more general variables?
With general variables you could do:

  • Variabels for placeholder texts for components
  • One variabel that is determining the radius value of all the borders for all components in the document
  • Determine different sizes of stroke width that is used in the design system (S, M, L). Or even cooler, scalable with a variabel and multiplication (1x, 2x, 3x)
  • Create a base number (for example 8) that could be used in height/width in combination with multiplication (8, 16, 24, 32…) to create scalable design systems components
  • Create more advanced and adaptable design systems overall
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