More types of components

Greetings! I would like to suggest some new types of components. I am working on large design projects and these changes would make my job a lot easier.

In short, I suggest adding:

  • Components for rounded edges

  • Components for font

And now more about each of them.

Components for rounded edges:

The task is that in the “rounding” input field it would be possible to select a standard rounding size, which the user can set himself.

By analogy with color styles, this standard size of rounds should be set in styles (like fonts, colors, shadows)

Font components:

Now I have about 15 “Text Styles” of one font. The point is that if I want to change the font of all 15 “Text Styles”, I have to manually change the font for each of them. Waste of time!

I think a solution would be to create a “standard font” radio button in the “Text Styles” settings. When this switch is on, all other “text styles” will use the font selected in “text style” that is using “standard font” switch

Attention! I propose only a new function, how it can be implemented is up to you. I am sure you will be able to implement my idea much better!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll like my idea

What you’re describing is close to Design Tokens, support for which has already been asked here :slight_smile:

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