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More IT related components

I was using FigmaJam to do the technical infrastructure design of my Application.

Therefore I would like to have more components

  • Server
  • API Symbol
  • Database symbols
  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • Different Logos of clouds (AWS, Serverless, Salesforce, Azure, Heroku…)
  • Different TVs with Brands: FireTV, GoogleTV, Samsung Tizen, WebOS, Roku OS, Vidaa, Apple TV
  • Mobile Devices: Android, iOS

Either have it added by default

or when I click the add button

You can create your own components and publish them as libraries in Figma, they will be available in FigJam. You can find some existing component libraries on Figma Community.

I imported this Figma - Microsoft Azure Diagram Template | Quickly layout blueprints for your Azure architecture in FigJam. All the icons you use to draw Az.... but now they are on a new figma jam site. I would like to have them as components menu automatically.

You need to copy/paste them into a Figma file in a team, create components from these items and then publish this file to the library.

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