More complex relationships between frames.

Sometimes I need to call different modals automatically, depending on my actions in the prototype. I have a main frame (let’s say the application menu), from which I go to another frame (say, settings), where I make some changes, after which I return to the frame with the Application Menu. Immediately automatically (after a delay) a modal is called (for example, “Settings saved”). I have a lot of such modals with different messages.

Right now one frame can only call one other frame through a delay.

Thus, I have to copy the frame with the Application Menu (create a new one) for each such case. It’s a mess.

What can be done:
Add the ability to specify the “source” of the transition.

That is:
When creating an interaction, I not only specify: “after delay” → open modal “Modal name”. I also indicate that it is required to do this in case of transition from a certain frame:
If I go to “Application Menu” from “Settings” then → “after delay” → open modal “Settings saved”
If I go to “Application Menu” from “Credit Cards”, then → “after delay” → open modal “Card removed”

This addition can be applied in many other cases, and it will simplify and diversify the possibilities of prototyping.

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