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Missing Work - Do I need to upgrade to access?

Hello, About 6 months ago I purchased quickframes 2.0 so that I could create a website site map and sales funnels. When I go back into the account, I can’t find it. The demo is still there but all the work I did is gone. The account says that I need to upgrade. If I do the monthly can I get access to stuff I can’t see right now under my. It says, “Your team is using all 3 design files that come with your Starter plan. Get unlimited files by upgrading Carrie Reynoso’s Team to Professional.” does this mean more of my files can be accessed? I really hope I didn’t just lose all the work I did. I have random non titled things now so I don’t get it.

  1. No, upgrading won’t change your access to files. You can already access all files you have.
  2. Try searching in Drafts and in Deleted folders.
  3. If you have a team, try to open it (click in the left panel) and see if you have projects in it that are not listed in the left panel under this team. Maybe your file is in one of those projects.
  4. If you remember some text contents of the file, try searching for them in the search panel.
  5. Check if maybe you worked on this file under another account created accidentally, for example using Google login or another email.

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