Missing fonts out of the blue

Hey, i didnt do any changes to fonts and almost all my files now have all the fonts missing…

tried to quit figma and reopen - didnt help
tried to reinstall figma - didnt work
tried to restart mac - didnt help

any suggestions ?

(using mac os big sur 11.6.1 )

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I’m also having this issue, I can’t edit any of the text in any documents as they’re ‘missing’. It’s Helvetica (system font) so not sure how it can be missing


Try reinstalling Font Helper if you are using Figma in the browser.

Hey Gleb, I’m using Figma in the app and don’t actually see the issue in the browser

In this case it sounds like a bug, you might be better off reaching out to Figma support team via the bug report form with details about the issue.

Will do, thank you

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