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Missing file? Not in deleted files


I have a very important working file which has suddenly disappeared. It’s not in “deleted” items (under drafts either). How can I work out what happened to it?

When I click on the link it says:

File not found

“Either this file doesn’t exist or you don’t have permission to view it. Ask the file owner to verify the link and/or update permissions.”


Were you the owner of the file? Are you logged in to correct the account? Maybe you were logging in with email before and now you accidentally logged in with Google which is attached to the different email, or vise versa?

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Hi, this just happened to me as well. The file just completely disappeared. I am the owner of the file and I only have one log in to Figma so its not in any other accounts or deleted files.


This happened to me as well. I downloaded a plugin called HTML<>figma at the same time that I noticed that it was gone.

It’s hard to say what could be wrong with the file missing but it’s definitely not because of the plugin. Plugins don’t work like that in Figma.