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Missing "containingStateGroup" parameter in documentation for FrameInfo

While working with the Figma REST API I have noticed that the response for a “GET component” (actually, everything that returns metadata about components, I suspects) contains a field “containingStateGroup” that is not described in the “FrameInfo” type.
From what I see, this is set on a component when is part of a component_set, so it’s quite an important information, and should be documented in the Figma Developers REST API website.
The reason why is an issue, in my personal case, is that I am using TypeScript, and this is an extra property that is not expected, and TS complains about it.
What is the process to get the documentation updated? Should I open a bug/ticket?

You can definitely reach out to Figma support and ask to improve this: Submit a request – Figma

Thanks @Gleb I’ll do as you suggest then. :pray: