Mismatching text styles in files, using one library

hi everyone!

I’m working on a project with multiple files, all linked to one styles & components library (it originates from let’s call it ‘master file’). we only use Satoshi font in the library, however, some styles switched to Inter. when I try to edit, I’m redirected to the master file, where everything is ok and uses Satoshi.

btw, it seems that styles are not linked between files. for example, when I add new text style in master file, it won’t appear in others.

tried to restart Figma and laptop, delete and add library to file again, update components & styles, and it was no help. all team members have same issue.

maybe anyone had same problem? I don’t get what’s gone wrong

upd: the issue also appears in components. main & children components in ‘master file’ have Satoshi, children components in other files have Inter (resetting changes and updating component didn’t help)