Mirror doesn't work on frames in Sections

Sections look like a great feature for organizing work, but mirroring in the iOS app doesn’t work for frames inside of sections.

Weirdly, selecting a section will mirror the first frame inside of it, but it’s not possible to look at any of the other contained frames in the mobile app.

Is this a bug, or working as intended? This would prevent me from using sections, since I use mirror all the time when working on designs.


Yes, would love to be able to mirror all frames in a selection and also easily move between frames while mirroring on my phone.

i’ve had the same issue here. Is really a deal breaker

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100% agree with comments here. I have Mirror running all the time. It’s one of Figma’s most useful features. The greater organisation of Sections can’t win over the greater productivity of Mirror. Huge shame. It renders the Sections feature only 50% useful at best.

Sections are great, but if that means I cannot mirror individual screens, this is basically unusable for me…

Looks like an oversight at worst sections should be transparent to mirror as in as if they didn’t exist