Migrate from Sketch but all the instance overrides are lost? 😱

Hi all, our team is migrating from Sketch. We have independent Sketch design library files and project files that link to these libraries.

But when I imported both, within our project files, all the instances that come from an external library lost their overrides (e.g. hidden/swapped nested components, text copy).

Weirdly, the instances that come from local components still have their overrides intact.

An example:

  • “Buy Now” - the original button copy in Sketch instance
  • “Buy Now” - the :+1: copy in Figma, if the instance is local
  • “BUTTON” - the :-1: copy in Figma that got reverted to the placeholder, if the instance comes from an external library

Is there any plugin/workaround I can leverage? Currently, I’m thinking of localizing all the components in my Sketch files before importing them into Figma. That’d add considerable workload/uncertainties, though…

Appreciate any help :blush: