Meta: Limiting to 1 media file embedding per post is discouraging

Hi, I’m a UX designer for 10 years now, but new to Figma nevertheless. Great so far!

I have some feedback how I as a new forum user would feel more appreciated and less annoyed by the forum software and it’s default configuration:

  1. Please enable markup preview.
  2. In the dialogs the primary button is white text on a white background. Only on hover the background is black, and the white text gets readable.
  3. The forum limits new users to embedding at most 1 screenshot.
  • This is arbitrary. It is no useful spam prevention. If is no protection from people being to verbose. If they want to annoy, the will post simply 5 more posts with one image each.
  • Trust Netiquette, or if you need technical measures, then more clever ones.
  • To speed the uptake for the audience, I had prepared 2 screenshots and 2 videos which I wanted to nicely intermix with text. In the end I was forced to copy 2 images together into one and embed the videos as links to Dropbox.

I agree. @Josh you may want to look into this.

Two hours ago I got the automated time delayed thanks for spending time with us message.

  1. Now I can embed multiple media files per post. I’d like to know whether you enabled that for new signups too meanwhile.

  2. I meanwhile know how to get markup preview: This is a serious usability trap I fell into: You need to press the “X” close button on the top right to dismiss the welcome message! Which an assumed 95% of your users (me including) will hesitate to do, as from its position and shape it will be interpreted as “close composing window” as in “discard post”. Really a bad usability issue! The way how to dismiss that welcome message should be redesigned!

  3. The primary action button is now white text on black background. I guess you fixed that. Or do “confirmed new users” maybe get delivered a different CSS set? I hope it’s fixed for all users. Would appreciate a confirmation from you. Thanks.

Bad news again:

  • Wanted to make a new post.
  • Upon dropping a short MP4 video clip (only 157 kB) I get:

    Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.

Now now attachments at all. And why am I new again? Something is misconfigured.

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