Merging a bunch of type and color styles into one

So I’m adapting an existing design system (the Ant Design system for Figma 2.2) to use my company’s type and color styles.

The problem is that it uses an insane number of color and type styles.

Is there a way (or plugin) to easily merge styles, hopefully multiple at once? So for example, say I have

Gray 1
Gray 2
Gray 3
and I want them all to become “New Gray A”…

Type small 14/20
Type Small 16/22
Type Small 18/24
to become “Type Small A”

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I had the same problem and I found The Figma Style Organizer Plugin today at
It scans your document and shows all the colours on the current page. So, for example when it finds all your grays, you can click on the location icon beside Gray 1 and it highlights all the elements with the Gray 1 colour. While they’re all selected, choose your New Gray A and all the selcted elements will change to the new colour. It helped me a lot with finding ans replacing colours in Figma, Hope it helps you too :slight_smile:

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