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Hi, Everyone… Please HELP!! FIGMA

I’m working on a mobile ordering for restaurants… so I have a restaurants page and when I choose a restaurant it should take me to the restaurant menu that I have chosen “It’s Logic”… But should I create a wireframe menu page for every restaurant?!!

If the behavior is the same across the application you could try just doing a single path or two to get a good idea of the information structure.

Sometimes it can be helpful to show it all in Figma, though it really depends on the project and what will be most helpful for development.

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Technically, yes. You need to design every single restaurant menu as Figma doesn’t generate stuff for you.

Professionally, no. if it’s going to function exactly the same, no point doing the same screens over an over. Just pick the most optimum view and slightly complex and the very most edge case where they have multiple lines of name for a single item.

The issue is not related with figma.

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