Menu or internal links for blocks in FigJam

Hi, thank you for FigJam, a fantastic app. Figma as well :).

Is there a way to create something like a menu in order to select a zone or a group of elements in the page?

I noted it is possible to add a link to an element. But how to create an anchor with an FigJam element?

Thank you again for FigJam and for your time.

José from France :).

Jose, when FigJam plug-ins come out of beta, there might be a plug-in that handles this use case.

Just curious, if such a plug-in did exist, would you want to have a menu where you can jump to any anchor, or would it be better to have it like a slide show where you use left and right arrows to get to different parts of the board?

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Hummm… May I say both.

According to mu usage, my preference is the first case, a “menu where you can jump to any anchor”. And to go back to the menu from each element (block)

During a meeting or a brainstorming, you (or a visitor) can select the topic you want to see without “sliding” all the intermediate blocks :).

Note that today, I use the mode-slide presentation by aligning horizontally all the blocks and I visit them with the Shift + mouse wheel :).

Thank you for your time.

Hi, @ntfromchicago

About to “present” FigJam elements (as slide) with arrows to go ahead or go back.

In fact it is already possible (I have just do). You save your FigJam files in Figma, you transform your blocks into Frame et you can “present” them.

I was wondering how Figma team did their nice presentation slides in their videos by using FigJam elements. I think they do like that :).

Thank you for having draw my attention on this :).

So, regarding my request above about link/anchor in figJam, it seems to me, no need to create a plug-in for that,
just create an “anchor” functionality" close to “Link” for the element object :slight_smile: .

Thank you for your time. José

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That is a clever solution!

I see your request about anchors and yes, that would negate the need for a plugin.

Thank you for your feedback.

May I ask you what is “Figma of Friends”?
Something like a club for business?

I have to tell you I subscribed to the “Figma - Paris” branch with Clubhouse.
But I do not see clearly how it works.

Groups on Discord is more functional (and you can meet lots of no-code communities :slight_smile:

Again, thank you for your feedback.


@dvaliao Thank for having put my message in the “Feedback” category :slight_smile:

I understand that is the way to suggest new functionalities :).

I will be using it next time.

have a good time with Figma, jrd10

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