@mention typeahead improvements

I’m not sure if this is just an issue with particularly large orgs (like Meta), but I often experience issues with the @mention typeahead in Figma, specifically:

  1. Initial search results can take a long time to show up. I often have to wait a few seconds after typing a partial name (or complete name) before I see any options for mentioning someone.
  2. Worse still, when making a selection either using arrow and enter keys or my mouse, the typeahead continues to receive results, which almost always means I make the wrong selection.

I would expect something like the following to be true:

  1. Only update the list in response to a user action (specifically, typing characters)
  2. Add some visual indicator if more results are being loaded in, so that I know to expect a UI thrash
  3. Prevent my selected option from moving around in the list if new results come in
  4. (Maybe actually the best improvement you could make) Always prioritise results for people who are already active in the current file or project. In fact, pre-populating the typeahead with people already in the file would be magical.

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