Memory error when dragging layer inside an auto layout

As of this morning, when I try to drag a layer around inside an auto layout Figma throws an “out of memory” error, asking me to revert to another version of reload page.

After research, I have split my design file, moving what I considered “heavy” components to a separate design file to reduce the load.

I have managed to halve the number of used layers (as per the View > Resource Use)

I have also increased my Chrome RAM limit.

Nothing has helped. If I drag the layer inside the layer panel there is no problem, I can use my shortcut keys to move it up and down the layer tree. But once I drag the layer in the artboard window, the moment it touches the auto layout frame it completely dies. I’ve recreated the auto layout on the offchance something was wrong there, but this hasn’t helped either.

Any suggestions? I’m completely dead in the water and can’t do my work! Would having more physical ram in my pc remove this issue?

After some more tinkering, it appears that if I drop the layer into the auto layout and then convert it to a fill container and drag it around, that’s when it causes a problem.

After even more tinkinering, this error occurs only in the above situation AND when spacing between items is a negative value causing an overlap

I have the exact same issue. You comment made me realise it just has to do with the negative value for spacings in an auto layout. Haven’t found a way to resolve this yet…

Bumping to say I’m having this issue, too. File is only .3 GB and breaking it into even smaller files didn’t fix it. Can confirm I’m using autolayout extensively


I have been in touch with support, according to them it’s a known issue and they are “working on it”.

In the mean time, I have found no work around and the best approach I’ve found is don’t set negative spacing between until you are happy with the layout, else this issue will occur.

Sorry I don’t have better news.