Member permissions are complex and broken

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I can give members view/edit access at multiple levels in Figma (Space, Project, File), but they seem to contradict each other, leaving me with having to share individual Files regardless of Space or Project set up.

The visibility of permissions is very limiting and it is hard to understand who has access to what. What’s wrong with a permission grid? Yes it’s old fashioned, but damn it gets the job done quickly and gives you a single view to hold and love!

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One member is given edit rights for a Space.
However the same member will find that they only have view access for a Project or File in that Space, which I feel is where things start to go a bit fuzzy and sadly wrong.

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Does anything agree with me that if you change a permission at a higher level, that this should automatically override a permission that sits under this level. This is normal and common logic that is expected in permission settings, but in Figma it all seems disconnected and brain-meltingly frustrating.

Please say I’m doing something wrong!

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