Measuring the impact of Design Ops & Systems role

Question for people involved in Design Ops and Design Systems.

In order to measure this role impact, I’m thinking of sending a survey to our design team to gather data on the current state of our design organization, so that I can send it again every few months and (hopefully) show progress and impact.

A few example of the questions I have in mind:

  • How easy is it to know which components to use when working on a design?
  • How often do you find yourself needing a component (or a variant) that we don’t have?
  • How easy is it to orientate yourself in our Figma organization? (E.g. knowing where to find existing designs, where to save your design, page organization)
  • How confident are you about being consistent when designing a new feature?

I’d love to hear your thoughts/ideas :raised_hands: And also if you have any other experience with proving the impact of this role (which is tricky). Thank you in advance!

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