Measuring distances between layers (like Sketch does)


I recently switch from Sketch to Figma and I’m getting an issue with the measures when holding the option key.

Here is what I get when I use Sketch and Figma :

As you can see, I’d like to get the measurements to the top or bottom of the left rectangle (horizontally and vertically), but Figma doesn’t want to give me this information.

Any idea how to get all of them like Sketch does ?

Thanks !!

Yeah, it’d be just amazing!

Please, don’t tell me this easy and basic feature is not available on Figma…

Hey @LaitEau,

Thanks for reaching out! There may be a plugin in our community that will achieve this for you. Here’s an example:


I request this two years ago, but nothing so far :frowning:

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Hello @dvaliao
I took a look of this plugin, but it is not really what I’m looking for. This plugin adds measurement annotations and then stay.

What I need (probably many people too) is more information when you just press “Option” key and hover another layer to get the distance between them.


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So, Figma doesn’t have any solution for this basic feature? …

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