Master Your Brand Design System with TemplateR: Streamline Personalized Graphics Creation in Figma

Hello Figma Community!

We’re excited to introduce TemplateR, a powerful Figma plugin designed to automate and generalize your marketing language with personalized graphics. This plugin will make your design process faster and more efficient, and help maintain a consistent visual style across all your marketing materials.

What can TemplateR do?

With TemplateR, you can:

  1. Create your own templates with multiple pre-designed graphic variations.
  2. Generate countless personalized graphics using dynamic input fields.
  3. Share templates with colleagues for seamless collaboration and content creation.
  4. Ensure visual consistency in your social media presence, emails, and advertisements.

Why TemplateR?

TemplateR simplifies the design process and empowers everyone in your organization to create professional-looking images with ease. No more waiting for designers or struggling with complex design tools. With TemplateR, you’ll save time, maintain a consistent brand image, and improve your marketing efforts.

Try it for FREE and be part of our journey!

We’d love for you to give TemplateR a try and join us in shaping its future. As we continue to develop and improve the plugin, we’re eager to hear your feedback and suggestions. By becoming an early adopter, you’ll have a direct impact on the features and improvements we make.

To get started, install the TemplateR plugin.

Check out our demo video!

We’ve put together a short demo video to showcase the power of TemplateR in action. Watch it to see how easy it is to create personalized graphics using our plugin.

Let’s connect!

We appreciate your interest in TemplateR, and we’re excited to welcome you to our growing community. Please share your thoughts, feedback, and any questions you have. We’re committed to providing the best possible plugin and your input will help us achieve that goal.

Thank you, and happy designing!

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