Master of a master component?

I discussed with someone in a slack about my design system and I have a question about this, especially with my buttons.

The person said that I should make like a “super master” component to allow modifications for all variants only one time (for ex : color/border-radius/padding …).

Actually I have to do the change so many times that I understand the goal, but I’m not sure about how to do it properly (because I have to include icons variants, sizes etc …)

Is someone can explain me this ? :slight_smile: Thanks !

This is called the “Base Component”. All possible elements are added to such a component and then a Component Set is created based on it.

I think you can learn more about Base Component by just googling it.

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Nice ! I’m going to watch your resource and learn more about it. I’ve never done it before but I heard few times this is a great solution to maintain. Thanks !

By the way, I didn’t knew we can prevent publishing some components with . or _ but I think this isn’t the only one solution since the last update allows to remove some components from library publishing

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