Master elements update page, comment section improvement

Sometimes, after updating a single or a group of master elements and adding an update log to the comment section, you may need to update them again.
At this point, you need to recall the comment or leave the comment section empty.

To solve this problem, let’s add a “Previous comment” section that shows the latest published comments for the selected master elements.

Share your thoughts.

Hi @MLYTV_Bulochka , Thanks for sharing your thought about description section when publish. I will bring this up with our internal team and we’ll consider it for future improvements!

In the mean time, I’m not sure if it would help your situation but from the version history, you can check the previous comment and edit version info.

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 16.41.36

You can check details here: View a file’s version history

And please don’t forget to vote!

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