Master component Name and icon not displaying in to left corner

For some reason, the Name and master component icon stopped displaying on the top left corner of the element. The component with variants has the dashed purple line but no name or icon. I can’t find any documentation on turning it back on. I’m thinking I hit some kind of keyboard combo that I’m not aware of and can’t get them to display again. It would be nice to see the names as it helps with organizing complex nested components.

Did you group it or put it in a frame? The name is shown only on the top level.

I created a master component. and then added variants. On the layers panel there is the Name and the four blocked diamond icon. But the name doesn’t display above the component on the page. I wish I could post an image to this as an example.

In group/frame, the name won’t show:


Not grouped, on the top level, name will show:

Yep. My component is not grouped. And not displaying the name.

It is in the frame.


As I said,

Ah. I just have to move it off the frame. That sucks.

Yes, it would be much more convenient to have the components’ names always visible. I also thought it was a bug.

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