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Manage team with one account, but have another user as the single editor?


I have contacted Figma support but haven’t heard from them in quite a while… So I’m asking here in hope to get an answer.

Situation: we have a figma team created with my work account. Due to recent changes to the free plan, we’re planning to move to the Professional plan with a single editor (me). But since my company needs to pay for the account, we will need our IT team to manage it, so it has to be done from another account. But we don’t want that manager account to be an editor and count towards the license. We want to have a single editor – me.

Is it possible to pay/manage team from one account, but have a single editor license for another user?

I don’t think it’s possible at the moment.

So if it’s not possible, we’re basically forced to pay for two editors?

Also, any suggestions in this regard? Is owner always considered an editor?

Yes, you can either have two editors or pay for the team by yourself and be its owner.