Making pattern from components. Problem

I want to create one graphic pattern for frames with different forms.

1 step. I am creating one element ‘star’ and making it a component
2 step. I am creating a big pattern field from this element and making it a component
3 step. For example, I want to put my pattern into a circle form. Before creating a mask I want to delete all spare elements to make my layout less busy with layers. I am deleting the element, but the layer still exists as a hidden one.

What I am doing wrong?

Hi, that’s the way components work: you can’t delete a layer in an instance, only hide it.

Hi Antoni, thank you for your reply.

Well, may exist another way to use one adjustable pattern for different shapes and to avoid spare layers?

I don’t see what’s the issue, masking works with instances:

Aren’t layers out of mask still exist and make layout more heavy?

Probably, but if you want your pattern to be an instance, there’s no alternative. I think Figma optimizes size when a layer is hidden, so I won’t worry about performance.

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Thank you, Antoine!