Make version history in merged branches accessible

Once a branch has been merged to main and archived, the checkpoint titles in its version history are truncated for length, with no way to see the full title.


For the main branch, you can get around this by accessing a checkpoint’s “edit version info” dialog, but there’s no such option for archived branches.


This is problematic for me because as a design system owner, I want to be able to see an archived branch’s version history in full, so that I may easily recall the changes I’ve made and update my documentation and release notes accordingly.

I’d like to continue using the “save to version history” function to… well, use this function as intended. One of the workarounds for me now is to revisit a branch’s version history and take notes before I merge it to main. Otherwise, I’d have to open the archived branch in a browser to find the full checkpoint title via the Inspect panel.

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