Make to not show the information "You are now leaving""

When doing a usability test with a Figma prototype and the participants click an external link then the message “You are now leaving Click the link to continue to…” is shown.

This message confuses participants. I don’t see a reason why we need to show this message to our participants. I never saw such a message in other prototyping-tools. If we could turn this message off for usability tests, it would be very helpful.

Does anyone else experience this? If so, click “Vote” on top. Is anyone using a workaround to solve this?

Hello @kanjana_petdang ,

Your question have already been asked here Is there a way to remove the Leaving Figma External Link Warning in Prototype? with some official Figma’s staff responses.
I’d recommand to follow the topic mentionned above for additional information

TL;DR there is no way to do so at the moment, but Figma is investigating

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