Make it possible on and org level setting to define what really is a component "change"

Currently when interacting with library file components in Figma, the threshold of what really is a component “change” is quite low. If you just move a component around on the canvas, even that (the frame’s change in x-y coordinates) constitutes as “a component change” now.

To me, and to many of the junior designers in our org, this is a bit unexpected and confusing and we often end up with a LOT of component “updates”, that in reality are just moving the components around , or perhaps changing their color from A to B & back to A.

Picture related, a new designer just started in our team :stuck_out_tongue:

My idea would be, that there could an org level setting, that would allow the account owners to somewhat define what is a definition of a component change in the org’s Figma. Perhaps a some sort of “Settings” tab under the orgs “Libraries” view? From here, the admins could somehow adjust these, even if just some checkboxes in the start (like “Moving components in canvas counts as a component update :ballot_box_with_check:”?

This probably is a “wicked problem” tho, so If anyone has any suggestions on how this could be achieved best, please state them in the comments!

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