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Make independent changes

Hi everyone,

I am beginning on figma and got a little problem:
I would like people to enter informations independently (ex: tick a box, input an information, choose an option among a list…) but without having to do it in order, so I can’t only create successive frames because the previous informations wouldn’t be taken into account.

So, basically, I would like to create “independent frames” and combine them on only one frame so that the changes made on each are independent and do not impact the other parts.

Is this even possible ? Or is there any other way to make what I want to do ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

PS: i am french so sorry for bad english

Are you talking about a prototype? Can you show an example?

euh yeah about prototype

for exemple, on this, i would like people to select, on the first rectangle, “digital” or “film”, select a type among a list of possibilities, etc… and on the following rectangle, also select “fixed focal” or “zoom” etc…

but if i just create a frame after this one and connect the two with an interaction which navigates from one frame to the other by taping on an element, the informations must be entered in order because a new frame must be created for each choice made

so i would like to find a way to make the rectangles independent and then combined on a unique frame so that it appears on a unique page on mobile

that’s not really clear and i don’t even know if this could be possible but voila :slight_smile:

ok i think i found a clearer way to explain my problem : can i replace a nested frame by another ? It means navigate from one nested frame to another frame, but this last one will still be nested in the first top level frame, not a unique frame itself ?

Yeah this is much easier to understand now. This is not possible yet.

Okay thank you for your answer !