Make functionality only available via keyboard shortcuts more discoverable

Keyboard shortcuts should be a quick way to bypass navigating through UI to do something. However, there are some things in Figma that can only be done using a keyboard command. Therefore, it’s not a shortcut, it’s primary functionality that’s well hidden, only available using a keyboard command.

I work in a Dev role and and new to Figma. So far it does everything I need (any more) but our team has wasted work trying to figure out how to use certain functionality. We end up needing to get our Designer colleagues to teach us basics, when the basics should be discoverable for our team who is used to working with design tools like InVision.

For example, for designs where we only have view-only access (which is most), we need to see and interact with the layout grid. The layout grid is only available via a keyboard command. There is no way I (or my colleagues) would inherently know that it’s an option if it’s only available via a keyboard command. Especially if the list of keyboard commands is only available by using a keyboard command.

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