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Make FigJam *feel* more like a whiteboard

Problem : FigJam is described as “an online whiteboard for teams to explore ideas together,” but it does not feel like a whiteboard. Whiteboards do not have underlying grids, strict type sizes, straight lines, or really any structure at all other than the size of the whiteboard and anything you wish to put on it.

Context : When I use FigJam, I often find myself focusing on things that are not advancing my ideas or promoting my creativity in a way that I hope a tool described as a “whiteboard” would. I find myself needlessly lining things up, fiddling too much with colors, trying to figure out a “design system” of sorts in regards to typography and sizing of elements, etc. Hours later, the idea that I came to pursue has evaporated.

Question for the community : Which FigJam features promote “whiteboard” feelings and which do not? What features would you add or remove based on your response?

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