Make Eraser Visible While in Use

When pressing the eraser to delete lines, its cursor disappears. I cannot know for sure where the eraser is, and I end up deleting things I didn’t want to because of this. It’s not a major problem as I can always undo my actions, but it is a pet peeve.

Hey @victoria.souza,

Are you able to share screenshots or a screen recording of what you’re seeing? The eraser cursor should still be visible after selecting it.

I cannot, it says here that I’m a new user (this account is 8 months old) and therefore can’t attach media.

I’ve upgraded your account. Please share as soon as you can, and we can escalate the issue to our FigJam team as needed.

Thank you! Here’s a recording of the issue. Hope it helps.

Thank you, @victoria.souza !

This is definitely not expected behavior. What OS are you using? Is this happening both in-browser & using the desktop app?

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I’m currently using Windows 10, and I mostly use Figma in the Google Chrome browser. But I checked here and the issue is not happening in the app.

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