Make Copy as PNG to have a backgroud solid

In FigJam there is awesome feature to select evements and Copy as PNG.
Using this it’s helpful on so many levels:

  • add it to the wiki, confluence, Pull Request on the Github, etc
  • task in Jira, Trello, etc
  • send fast in slack, telegram, email

This is really quite way to share fast. I love it! :heart:

The only problem with it that it copies PNG into clipboard that has a transparent background.
Because of that when I’d paste it into most places it will be transparent too. And every app have different background: white, yellow, grey, back, etc.
Also Night Mode is already quite popular and adopted feature on all devices (MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android). So backgrounds get dark.
And when you copy a regular chart on white background and paste it somewhere like slack with dark background there is nothing to see. It’s black chart on dark grey background.

I really believe that updating Copy as PNG to have a solid background will help improve this feature quite a bit. Alternatively it can have an option to copy it with solid background (like in export)