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Make component update publishing and review silent and seamless

Publishing and accepting changes takes too much effort and attention.

When you have a separate file for the Design system, which you absolutely must have, publishing updates take too much time.

In some cases, I have more than 1 file to host components, one for basic stuff (type, color, buttons, inputs, common ‘organisms’), and a couple more files for area-specific components (full layouts of view and so on). And then I have my files there I build flows for user testing. So that basic components could be 3 levels deep in the hierarchy of files.

So when I update something in the Design System to have it populated down the chain I need to publish and apply changes it 3 different places.

I get why it can be useful if you have a dozen Designers contributing to different parts of the project, you want updates to flow with some friction.

I think is that for the most part, this is not the case, it is you and another person who contributes to the design, and this update drags you back.

Plus you can not even meaningfully review your updates, roll something back and fix it before publishing, as you can in git.


What in addition to Publish and Review buttons, which lead to the corresponding dialogs there would be Publish Now and “Accept Now” which would publish and accept updates immediately, without additional actions.

Or if you go one step further and have “Publish Silently” and “Accept Silently” buttons to push updates right away on each change. In this case, when the update happens show a toast with ‘undo’ or/and ‘change behavior’ buttons.

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