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Make bullet listing optional, not automatic


Whenever I try to make a listing starting with 1. in an auto layout and I try to make the first row of the table Figma turns it in to a bullet list automatically, however I don’t want to use it, because I want to use check box or any other object with it (and measuring it out would be a pain in the …), so I want to make individual rows with 1., 2. etc., those aren’t in a bullet list, because this way ruins the base line and slightly changes the numbers stlye. I tried to simply turn it off, but that way removes the number.

Is there any solution for this? Turning off the automatic detection etc. or anything else.

Thanks for your help and advices!

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100% these should not be automatic.
If you try to turn OFF the bullets, it removes the number you typed.

My workaround has been:

Type the number and period, but don’t put a space before the copy. Type Any Letter directly after the period. Then type a space before your sentence. Then delete the extra letter at the beginning.

First: 1.A The big bad wolf.
Second: Delete the “A”.
Result: 1. The big bad wolf.

Using Cmd/Ctrl + Z immediately after a list shortcut removes the default styling.

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Thank you very much guys! I’ll try both of your solution. These kind of things slows down the workflow a bit and it annoys me. I hope Figma makes it optional soon.

Was there any response to this? I need to type a - followed by a space and some text and every time Figma “helps” me by turning it into a bulleted list.
I do not want a bulleted list. I want to type “- or -”
Here’s the thing…there’s already a keyboard shortcut to create a bullet, and if Figma wants to turn that into a bulleted list - OK fine. But this isn’t a note-taking app.
The fact that I cannot figure out how to disable this poorly thought-out feature is mind-blowing. Like…pick up a gun and blow my own brains out.
C’mon guys…make this optional. It’s stupid to insist that anytime you type a dash or a number (or a bullet…which again…already exists if that what you want to create) that you are trying to created a bulleted list.