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Make all flows children of parent flow in new Flow feature

It would save us a lot of screens if we could make all links in a flow unique to their parent.

This means:

  1. I could show/hide entire individual flows
  2. I could have one screen (with a certain state) linking to different places depending on what flow the connection belongs to. Ie, one “On click” per flow.
  3. I can select a connection line and see which flow that line belongs to.
  4. It would require some thinking, but it would be nice if links from inside components could also be flow-conditional

This would reduce the spaghetti-inferno you end up with in a high fidelity prototype, while allowing us to reduce the number of screens needed (further improved by interactive components)


I second that! In almost every prototype that I create, specific screens are shared between various flows.

Duplicating screens to create multiple flows works, but once other people review it and changes are needed, the duplicates become a real pain - since you need to apply changes in all duplicated screens in all flows.

Right now, the only workaround to avoid screen duplication is to wrap up each duplicated inside a component, and reuse it in different flows. That’s also a lot of work, so i never ended up doing it.

Being able to make flow connectors dependent on the parent flow, plus define multiple starting points for one screen would make a big difference.

+1 for this. Would be perfect for A/B testing, where only one screen in the whole flow might change. Currently you have to create and maintain two separate, almost-identical flows to achieve this.

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