Make a pdf exported from figma editable in acrobat reader

I need to create a pdf that can be edited in Acrobat Reader. In other words, when I open the pdf, it recognises the text boxes and other elements and lets me change them as necessary. I can do this by exporting pdfs from other softwares, like photoshop, illustrator and powerpoint, but I can’t do it by exporting from Figma. does anyone have any idea if this is possible?

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To create an editable PDF from Figma:

  1. Export design as PDF from Figma.

  2. Use Adobe Acrobat or an online PDF editor (e.g., Smallpdf) to add editable fields.

  3. Save and download the editable PDF.

Now, you can edit the fields in Acrobat Reader or other compatible viewers. Note that some design elements may need adjustments during conversion.
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@Taline_Velasques this behavior is to be expected. Figma is a design too and when we create a design which looks like an input text field what we actually do is use shapes, frames, groups etc to mimic the looks of the input. We don’t actually design an text input.

Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your reply, I can export a pdf from Figma, but when I do, it doesn’t recognise the elements as editable blocks in Acrobat Reader. However, when I use other software (such as Photoshop, Illustrator or PowerPoint, for example), I can easily edit…

Hi, titanas. Thanks, but that’s not exactly what I was asking. My question is whether it’s possible to edit a pdf exported from Figma in Acrobat Reader, which allows you to edit pdfs, you can edit texts, images and graphics. But when I export Figma I can’t. However, when I export from other software (such as photoshop, illustrator or powerpoint), I can edit them easily.

@Taline_Velasques sorry I misunderstood your initial message. You are right though. Exporting PDF files from Figma and edit PDF files in an app like Acrobat Reader is extremely hard if one wants to edit existing elements. Adding elements, for example and image or a highlight, is much easier or no brainer.