Make a Figma User Manual

As an advanced Figma user, there are still features and little details i’m finding out every day, and most of them appear to be undocumented (or if they are, there’s no unified place to find them).

The lack of detailed documentation means that I probably won’t find an answer to very specific issues on the forum or on google.

What official documentation does exist is usually in the form of videos or blog posts, which makes it scattered and hard to search through.

I’ll give a few examples of such undocumented features from today only :slight_smile:

  1. It wasn’t clear how to set a default instance of a component when it gets dropped in from assets. After some trial and error, I finally figured out that Figma makes the top left variant in a component the default one. Pretty intuitive all in all, but there’s no reason for things like this to be hidden.

  2. When replacing a component that is in autolayout through the swap instance menu, the new component inherits the old one’s resizing options. This obviously doesn’t happen when dragging from assets. While this is reasonable, it is also one of many things that you can’t find out anywhere, short of head-scratching for half an hour and stumbling on it yourself.

I’m pretty sure this can also be done as a community effort through github for example, but I feel a resource like that is indispensable for users regardless of skill level.

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